Rate one:

  • $2.00 1st 1/10 or fraction thereof or first 36 seconds of wait time.
  • $0.40 each 1/6 of a mile or fraction thereof or 1min of wait time up to $5.60.

Rate two:

  • $0.55 for every 1/6 mile or fraction thereof after $5.60.
  • $0.55 for every minute of wait time after $5.60.
Average mile will run you about $3.30 (estimate).We do not charge extras like most other companies do.

Flat rates:

Charlottesville Airport $35.00+ gratuity
Dulles Airport $175.00+ gratuity
Reagan National $225.00 + gratuity
Roanoke $220.00 + gratuity
BWI $265.00 + gratuity
Virginia Tech $265.00+ gratuity
Shenandoah Airport $80.00 + gratuity
James Madison University $85.00 + gratuity

JnJ transport also offers wine tours to all the local wineries. click here to visit our wine tour page for more info.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please give us a call if you should need our services or have questions thanks. We are happy to help. Some flat rates are negotiable. DMV # 22943